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Psoriasisarthritis seems more often, than long time accepted. Because the illness should be treated very early, it is advisable to visit the Rheumatologen in the case of doubt. Former acceptances assumed from the fact that it comes at from about five to ten percent all Psoriasispatienten in the illness course for an inflammatory joint participation. Long time the frequency and the spectrum of the clinical appearance of the Psoriasisarthritis were even totally unknown. Only investigations of younger date let arise the supposition that it could concern a clearly more frequent appearance. A topical big study from Germany supports this supposition. She grasped all over the country Psoriasispatienten from different skin medical centres and skin practise. Those participants who showed typical signs of a Psoriasisarthritis like joint swells or joint pains were examined by a Rheumatologen thoroughly. With nearly every fifth participant a Psoriasisarthritis was diagnosed. Half of the affected persons showed at least one swollen joint, besides, a large part suffered from joint pains. In addition, had up to ten percent of the participants unclear discomfort which pointed to a Psoriasisarthritis, but could be assigned not unambiguously. Therefore, the scientists go out from an even higher dark figure in illness cases. According to her view there would possibly be many cases of active Psoriasisarthritis which stayed undiscovered. To bend forward avoidable damages and functional interferences by the inflammations in the joints, however, a timely diagnosis and treatment of the Psoriasisarthritis is necessary. The appearance of the Psoriasisarthritis is very varied, so that it can be not always separated easily from other inflammatory rheumatischen illnesses. All joints, including the cross bowel leg joints (Ileosakralgelenke) and small joints of the backbone as well as tendon attempt points (e.g., Achilles' tendon) can be concerned by inflammations. A participation of the knuckles and toe joints is typical and not seldom even all joints of one single finger or a toe (sucked. Sausage fingers and sausage toes) are lighted. More unter:http://www.special-psoriasis.de/

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